The Time That Remains

  • Mon Oct 28
The Time That Remains
Elia Suleiman
Ali Suleiman, Elia Suleiman, Saleh Bakri

The 1948 invasion of Palestine by Israeli armed forces provides a poignant backdrop to this at once farcical and touching account of Palestinian life. Like the four eras it spans, the film works on multiple levels—autobiography (director Elia Suleiman himself stars), tragicomedy, drama, and political essay—and all with the deftness that marks Suleiman’s previously acclaimed films, Chronicle of a Disappearance (1996) and Divine Intervention (2002), with which this latest make for a finely nuanced trilogy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Suleiman’s ponderous pacing is carefully measured across generations and allows us to see his masterful direction and framing in its greatest detail yet. Often compared to the postmodern commentaries of Jacques Tati, his most arresting statements are often those made without words. “The Time That Remains has the scope of a historical epic with none of the expected heaviness.” (NY Times) In Arabic, Hebrew and English.


35mm color
1 hour 49 minutes
release year/country
2009 UK/Italy/Belgium/France