Silent Shorts Program

  • Wed Sept 25
Silent Shorts Program
Charles Chaplin & others

This special collection of silent shorts was put together by film preservationist extraordinaire Serge Bromberg, who was responsible for the restoration of A Trip to the Moon, and includes a stunning new restoration of Charlie Chaplin's The Immigrant. Program also features work by the great, but largely unknown, Charlie Bowers. All films have wonderful scores.

Program line-up:

  • What Price Goofy by Charlie Chase; music track by Neil Brand, 24 mins
  • The Immigrant by Charlie Chaplin; music track by Carl Davis, 20 mins
  • Now You Tell One by Charlie Bowers; music track by Bowers, 22 mins
  • Felix Goes West with organ music, 8 mins
  • Cartoon Factory (Koko the Clown), original Fleisher track, 8 mins
  • Balloonland, 6 mins, with sound
DCP bw
1 hour 30 minutes
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