Israel: A Home Movie

  • Thur Nov 7
Israel: A Home Movie

The first ten CU students get in free, courtesy of the International Students Board (ISB).
Introduced by Prof. Jonathan Boyarin (Jewish Studies/Anthropology)

Eliav Lilti

This documentary is the culmination of a decade of effort searching through locked drawers, cellars, and attics, which unearthed reels of 8mm, 16mm, and Super 8 film filled with home movies dating back to the infancy of Israel. The footage spans 40 years, and features both personal and national milestones. Together, these home movies provide a personal history of a nation’s birth and the growth of its society during turbulent times of political unrest. “A revealing collage.” (NY Times) Cosponsored with the Dept. of Near Eastern Studies.


Blu-ray color
1 hour 40 minutes
release year/country
2013 Israel