I Married a Witch

  • Thur Sept 26
I Married a Witch

Witchcraft Posters on Display
Please join us for the kick-off to our World Witches film series by coming to see a display of witchcraft and possession movie posters in our new Backstage Lounge in Willard Straight Theatre on Thur Sept 26, from 6:30 – 7pm or 8:45 – 9:15pm, preceding screenings of War Witch at 7pm and of this film.

René Clair
Veronica Lake, Frederic March

“Veronica Lake casts a seductive spell as a charmingly vengeful sorceress in this supernatural screwball classic. Many centuries after cursing the male descendants of the Salem puritan who sent her to the stake, this blonde bombshell with a broomstick finds herself drawn to one of them—a prospective governor (Fredric March) about to marry a spoiled socialite (Susan Hayward). This most delightful of the films the innovative French director René Clair made in Hollywood is a comic confection bursting with playful special effects and sparkling witticisms.” (The Criterion Collection)

Blu-ray bw
1 hour 17 minutes
release year/country
1942 USA