Herb & Dorothy 50x50

  • *Fri Oct 4
    9:15 Cinemapolis
  • Tues Oct 8
Herb & Dorothy 50x50

*Fri show at Cinemapolis (downtown) is $8 all

Megumi Sasaki
Herb and Dorothy Vogel

The follow-up film to Herb & Dorothy, the story of a couple of middle class New Yorkers who quietly amassed one of the world's largest collections of contemporary art, traces the extraordinary gift they undertake: the Vogel 50 x 50. With the National Gallery in DC simply not large enough to house the entire collection, fifty works are selected at random to go to fifty museums in each of the US states. This ambitious project takes the art to stalwarts like the Miami Art Museum and the High Museum of Art while also allowing smaller, regional museums (like the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo that acquires work by Richard Artschwager) to showcase these amazing works, giving us a snapshot of the role these museums and this art play in communities large and small across the country. The film also catches up with Herb and Dorothy themselves, as they enter the sunset of their lives and celebrate a time of reflection.

Blu-ray color
1 hour 27 minutes
release year/country
2013 USA