“Ancient Loops”

  • Tues Oct 8
    8:00 SAGE
Just Ancient Loops

$5 all; in Sage Chapel

Bill Morrison

Decasia, created from restored nitrate footage re-photographed onto 35mm film, uses decaying found footage from the early days of film to investigate the human desire to transcend the limitations of earthbound existence. The abstract scenario follows the course of a life-cycle, beginning with 1927 footage by Sergei Eisenstein of a cesarean section and live birth, and includes shots from a mission school where Native Americans were taught discipline by nuns in foreboding black shawls. The score for Decasia was composed by Bang On A Can co-founder Michael Gordon, and the work was initially screened with live accompaniment by the Basel Sinfonietta in November 2001. Shown with Just Ancient Loops (2012, 25 mins), in which high-resolution scans of nitrate footage and new CGI renderings of space depict a unique view of the heavens. With a mesmerizing sound track written by Michael Harrison and performed by cellist Maya Beiser. Cosponsored with the CCA.

Blu-ray bw/color
1 hour 32 minutes total
release year/country
2002/2012 USA