Spirited Away

  • Sat Nov 10
    10:00 • WSH
  • Sun Nov 11
    4:30 • WSH
Spirited Away
Hayao Miyazaki

Ever wondered where ghosts, gods and spirits go to relax? The answer is a bathhouse in Japan where a partly human, partly supernatural staff takes care of them. But not all of the workers are there voluntarily, as a young girl named Chihiro discovers one seemingly innocent day when her parents are taken away from her and turned into pigs, leaving her trapped and nameless in a strange world. Only by finding her name can she escape. This fantastic tale bears more than a passing resemblance to Alice in Wonderland; it is also an allegory on identity and individuality as well as a glimpse into contemporary Japanese culture containing revealing economic instability and the value of hard work.

35mm color
2 hours 5 minutes
release year/country
2002 USA