The Red Balloon & White Mane

  • Sat Nov 3
    2:00 • WSH
The Red Balloon

$4 adults/$3 kids 12 & under

Albert Lamorisse

Acclaimed throughout the world as a wonderful fantasy of childhood, The Red Balloon depicts in beautiful color photography the friendship that develops between Pascal and a large red balloon, and the adventures the two have throughout Paris. It will be shown with White Mane, the story of a wild white stallion living in freedom in a near-desert region in the south of France, the men who wish to capture him and break his spirit, and the young boy who ultimately tames him with love. This recent restoration is presented in a new English translation, faithful to the original French voiceover and dialogue, spoken by Peter Strauss.


35mm color
1 hour 14 minutes
release year/country
1956/1953 France