Picnic at Hanging Rock

  • Sat Nov 17
    6:00 • WSH
Picnic at Hanging Rock
Peter Weir
Rachel Roberts, Anne Lambert

A story of the disappearance of three college students and their teacher during an outdoor excursion in Victoria, Australia, Picnic at Hanging Rock reveals itself to be a masterpiece of storytelling with its combination of perspectives from other students and community members with those from members of the missing group. This classic Peter Weir film creates a wonderful and disconcerting ambiance through its unique narrative style, which leaves room for unanswered questions. Although not always acknowledged as an Australian Exploitation film, Picnic at Hanging Rock contains numerous elements that define the style, and its inclusion in the IIFFF retrospective “Ozploitation and Beyond” highlights these continuities.

35mm color
1 hour 50 minutes
release year/country
1975 Australia