Patience (After Sebald)

  • Thur Sept 27
    7:30 • WSH
Patience (After Sebald)

introduced by Prof Peter Gilgen (German Studies)

Grant Gee
Tacita Dean, Rick Moody

Part travelogue, biopic, and character study, Grant Gee’s new documentary offers deep insight into writer W. G. Sebald. The film is structured around a walk through coastal East Anglia, the same path followed by Sebald in his ground-breaking book The Rings of Saturn, and includes contributions from major writers, artists and filmmakers. The Rings of Saturn is an influentially fragmented novel that, not unlike the film, follows its protagonist through a series of physical and philosophical tangents that are as true to their subject as can be. Although talking heads get their requisite nods, the film develops foremost into an essay on art itself as it delves into Saturn’s sprawling atlas in a palette of grays and whites. It is itself a foray into the discursive territories of a writer who, even in death, refuses to be pigeonholed. If you plan on attending this screening, you might seriously consider obtaining a copy of Saturn before stepping foot inside the theater, for you may just find yourself wanting it at hand to open and start reading the moment the lights go up. “Patience is a rarity: a wide-ranging piece of literary criticism brought to vivid cinematic life, bursting with ideas...and inspired visual translations of them.” (Slant)


Digital Projection bw
1 hour 30 minutes
release year/country
2012 UK