The Passion of Joan of Arc

  • Thur Sept 6
    8:00 • SAGE
The Passion of Joan of Arc

free to all • reception @ 7:15pm in the north courtyard (weather permitting)
introduced by Professor Don Fredericksen (Performing & Media Arts)

Carl Dreyer
Maria Falconetti, Antonin Artaud

Jan. 6, 2012 marked the 600th anniversary of Joan of Arc’s birth, and tonight, eight months later, we commemorate it with a screening of Dreyer’s masterpiece. Considered one of the greatest films of all time, the acting and camera styles introduced in it represent the birth of modern filmmaking. The film is based on actual trial transcripts from Joan of Arc's interrogation and French execution. The soundtrack on this digital version is Richard Einhorn's Voices of Light, an original orchestral work inspired by the film and performed by renowned choral ensemble Anonymous 4, the Nederlands Radio Choir and the Nederlands Radio Philharmonic.

Digital Projection bw
1 hour 22 minutes
release year/country
1928 France