Modern Times

  • Thur Aug 30
    8:30 • WSH*
Modern Times

*on the Willard Straight Terrace! doors open @ 8; film @ 8:30

Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard

This sublime pie in the face of the Industrial Revolution stars the Little Tramp, who has very little affinity for the working class or for work at all. Thus his factory is merely a prop excuse for some inspired routines. “The mechanical feeding sequence in [the film] is probably the funniest episode in the history of cinema...Chaplin’s factory may be half René Clair pseudomodern and half Fritz Lang comic strip totalitarian, but Chaplin himself is the supreme cinematic performer of all time.” (Andrew Sarris)


Digital Projection bw
1 hour 25 minutes
release year/country
1936 USA