The Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle

  • Fri Sept 28
    7:15 • WSH
  • Sun Sept 30
    4:30 • WSH
The Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle
Eric Rohmer
Joëlle Miquel, Jessica Forde

In characteristic style, Eric Rohmer paints a portrait of two young women sharing an apartment together in Paris with a minimal, true-to-life palette. This lesser known film finds the French auteur reveling in his usual obsessions with conversation and the pathos of human interaction. His heroines are Reinette, a painter from the countryside, and Mirabelle, a Parisian law student who finds herself drawn to Reinette’s views and ambitions (if not her lack thereof). The film tells their story in four titular chapters, beginning with their meeting and ending on a revealingly humorous episode. Fans of Rohmer’s meditative approach will find much to admire here, and those new to his world won’t want to miss this rare art house glimpse at one of modern French cinema’s most enigmatic masters.


35mm color
1 hour 35 minutes
release year/country
1987 France