• Wed Oct 31
    8:00 • SAGE

free to all • with live accompaniment by the Filmharmonia Duo
before Faust, enjoy our FREE Halloween event Go To Hell • 6-7:30 in Willard Straight Theatre

F.W. Murnau
Emil Jannings, Camilla Horn, Gosta Ekman

Perfect for Halloween, this horror-fantasy film tells the tale of Mephisto and how he tempts the devout alchemist Faust with promises of youth, love and power in exchange for no less than his very soul. Faust was Murnau’s last film before leaving Germany and heading to Hollywood. Together with Lubitsch, Lang, and G. W. Pabst, he had established a standard for German silent film that was unsurpassed, and this film, in particular, reveals his mastery of special effects, which still impress. “Faust is sometimes quaint and sometimes haunting, with its royal wedding attended by a brace of full-size pantomime elephants, with its flight above the Alps, past pagodas and strange waterfalls, over which storks as big as pterodactyls fly.” (Cinequest Festival)

The film will be accompanied by the Filmharmonia Duo: Dennis James on Sage Chapel’s magnificent pipe organ and the theremin, and Mark Goldstein on the electronic Lightning Wands. “An absolute masterpiece. Epic sets, costumes, cinematography, and story.… Dennis James shaking the house with the mighty …organ and the theremin. Mark Goldstein providing the devilish counterpoint with the Buchla Lightning Wands. That might have just been the greatest cinematic event I've ever witnessed.” (Jason Wiener, Cineaste) Cosponsored with the Mellon Humanities Corridor and the Dept of Music.

Digital Projection bw
2 hours
release year/country
1926 Germany