The Dark Knight

  • Thur Nov 8
    9:35 • WSH
  • Fri Nov 9
    10:30 • WSH
The Dark Knight
Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Maggie Gyllenhaal

A frightening and indelible performance by the late Heath Ledger is one of the many thrilling highlights in this dark and unsettling installment of the iconic Batman franchise. Ledger’s Joker, in his cracked white makeup and blood-red grin, re-writes all previous incarnations of the evil genius. Nolan, who also directed the grim Batman Begins returns to the films the stylish nihilism and bleak fancy of Tim Burton’s late 20th Century versions. In this demented episode, we learn more about the crumbling infrastructure and crooked politics of Gotham City. The police lieutenant (a superb Gary Oldman) and District Attorney (the dreamy Aaron Eckhart) are cracking down on mob violence, and Bruce Wayne finds himself caught up in the overhaul. The swift pacing and labyrinthine plot can be attributed to the fine work of Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, the brothers behind Memento and The Prestige.


35mm color
2 hours 32 minutes
release year/country
2008 USA